Study Bays Me – Research shows that only 1% of young people in Poland are interested in politics and watching the daily news.

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Then the flaw was published results (not) Fortunately, students in the school – Polish students among those least fortunate among 44 countries surveyed. Now came the second flaw – it turns out that the poor cope with creative problem solving. Published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development V research results of PISA 2012 Fri. Creative problem solving – skills of students in solving life’s problems confirmed what has long been written and said „army” (not related to the Ministry of Education) educational journalists and activists of non-governmental educational organization. Polish School is focused on learning theory, and when it comes to solve the problem of real life, there are problems. Because of this, after all they do not teach in school … In this study falls pale Poland – gained 481 points while the OECD average of 500 points. Garden stone to the former Minister of National Education Hall, and the current Minister Szumilas Kluzik-Rostkowska. We fall ill despite the introduction of a few years ago to high school compulsory education project, which should support a more practical approach to knowledge acquired in school (does not support, because the project is still wrong method used in schools, but that is a separate topic, but also extremely important). I still learn things impractical, and instead of letting require students to solve problems of the world in which we live. The source of the problem (ie, lack of problem-solving skills by students) is still the wrong approach for the purposes of education. Instead of preparing for life, we prepare for tests at school. Arrange the schedule of activities and require the teacher went to the line imposed topics, and the authority conducting the curator and just stare (not only in securities), whether there has been any deviation from (just right) course. V research PISA 2012 can be further proof that the knowledge gained in their school graduates can not help you. After graduation, everyone will have to start learning from scratch, but practical and necessary things, not dyrdymałów invented by educational officials (unfortunately, with the support of prominent scientists, but theorists). I thought that we discussed here to compare the results of the PISA 2012 with the World Rank is Innovation, which includes virtually all countries of the world. Table 1. Summary of results Polish in PISA 2012 (V research) and The Global Innovations Index 2012. Source: own. Comparing the data it can be noted that: 1. In PISA forefront of the countries that are leading the innovation in the world rankings (for comparison, I chose the results of The Global Innovation Index 2012) – see. Table 1. Ranking of innovation includes most countries in the world, so for comparison purposes, you can skip those that did not participate in PISA 2012 (green). 2. Of the 33 countries most innovative Polish of 23 reached up better than the Polish result in PISA (ie almost 70%). Only 2 countries that are more innovative than Polish Polish achieved inferior results in PISA (Israel and Slovenia). 3. Among the 22 countries that have reached the PISA results above the OECD average, up to 18 takes place in the top 30 most innovative countries in the world. Or narrowing, as many as 14 of them are in the top 20. If, however, omitted countries which do not participate in the PISA (green), it is found that the top 20 is 18 countries with results above the average of the OECD. Already I postulated several times to the education system as the main principle to adopt „first, do no harm.” The school system should be designed so that students can feel that the amount of the education, knowledge that can be useful to them. Sorry about the current education system, the „treated” by the Ministry by multiplying the specific guidelines, sticking plasters and plaster patching holes, you can rather say that it is highly harmful to students. Thinking killed already in elementary school, and then it’s only worse. Learning by solving problems (the problem-solving learning) is a known method can promilowi ​​teachers. But we all know well and are constantly trained in how to fill reports to the Ministry and leading bodies. Pupils pound tests that do not have (we have just proof) any bearing on real life. And in the life of their problems will not be missing, and the school should prepare them for how to deal with the problems, which even today do not know anything. Releasing school students did not with this knowledge they need. With this approach, Poland will continue to provide to Western economies just cheap labor. A ranking of the most innovative countries in the world will probably fall. And even graphene will not help. (Note about the author: Marcin Polak is the creator and editor of, is engaged in education and social communication, implementing social projects and commercial nationwide and internationally. 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Send (); }); / ** / Teaching the history of the past? Many young people would love it. Of concern, however, I read an article Czeslaw Sparrow Fri. „The exclusion of the learning process historical”, which appeared in the May number of „Education and Dialogue”, and is dedicated to the evaluation of the historical training in connection with the introduction of a new core curriculum. Page 1 of 2 I wonder if this statement is an example of a kind of historical paranoia, or perhaps misunderstanding the usual core of modern times and the meaning of education? Historical, outdated language Youth today says otherwise, thoughts and „scheming” coppy essay writer otherwise, as adults brought up in the old school, which – fortunately for the young – thing of the past (why so slow?). I think about school and wiedzowej somehow bringing up, or rather perhaps manipulating students – in the name of the only right idea? Actually, the above mentioned at the outset. article, in the first sentence, can be seen quite clearly with whom the reader has to do. Same language used here indicates the historicity zmurszałość, thinking the author. Why, for example. Use the term „learning process” or „learning process”, since the latter, we all know that is the process? The very notion of „teaching” it should quickly be replaced by the term zasobniejszym – „educating”. The purpose of school is to organize learning! But the question is whether today, on the threshold of 10 years of the twenty-first century, to think historically – something desired or perhaps outdated? Is it true that a worthy destination for history, and its broad curriculum, there are volumes of history and shelf in a museum or a referral to rest? History is a trend I remember a few years ago on the cover, non-existent today, the magazine „Ozone” was significant inscription „History is trendy.” He fixed me a memory, not only as a cover-defiant inscription, but mainly due to the fact that although I like the story and a lot of it I remember (even all Polish kings, I am able to list from memory – but why?), This for years I promote among teachers innovative and future-orientation in education and strongly revalued its attitude towards history. I am a teacher of biology and geography, not history, and consultant. Educational and pedagogical innovation. Hence, you should probably ask and consider: – Is the new core curriculum actually carries some risks? – Or back into favor today, history and teaching it in schools, since history there are 2 hours per week, and one of biology and geography? – Is it true (Whose is this true?) That history teaches and educates? – Is the teaching of history in schools shows the human resources and good examples? – What will change for the better in school by increasing the number of hours of teaching history? – What is the essence and what is the importance of future-oriented education? Is interest in history young people today are interested in history and politics? Yes, some of the young interested in history, but for a significant proportion of young people neither history nor current political events, there are interesting and seem redundant. For some, the story is interesting, even exciting, but not for others. Disturbing are the facts, when a high school student learns in class mathematical and physical, and chooses high school biology, or when he says that he likes the most history and life chooses biology or geography. Research shows that only 1% of young people in Poland are interested in politics and watching the daily news. He considers, for example, that the place of history in the museum and in the IPN. Today, when I ask young people about historical events and talk about patriotism – are responsible, why talk about it? When the urge to participate in elections – ask, and what do they need these choices? The school, ie. Those of its lofty appeals anniversary, school academies standing, which „spend” all classes and which probably benefit for students is that forfeited a lesson, effectively many young discourages celebration celebrations and even to talk about politics and patriotism. Young people on the celebration of anniversaries I am surprised when I read how the editors of newspapers describing events related to the handling in Poland various anniversaries often raise the alarm, it is impossible to understand why teachers, school principals or the same education authorities do not take care (not force?) here is that the youth participated in such important living history lessons and patriotism. Are they big and alive – I do not know. And to whom they are needed – maybe the veterans? Of course, it is best to have a claim to teachers and school principals, but not quite at the point. But participation of young people in these often lofty and pompous ceremonies, usually mandatory, compulsory, and not spontaneous and voluntarily – is actually a living lesson of patriotism? United is probably the naivety of many adults. In your school participated in a beautiful school academy on the occasion of Independence Day on November 11. After the event, some high school students said that it was a pretty academy, and others that it was pure propaganda. I was touched by their sincerity. And to whom I confessed right? It is yet young to ask, what do you think? How they see their participation in the celebrations and patriotic ceremonies, if they want more hours in school history? And may organize such above. important occasions something else more interesting for young people? Are these celebrations are for the authorities and veterans, or perhaps just for „ordinary” people? Maybe worth a little effort brain, his own ingenuity, and do something interesting for society? It should also ask, what is the youth today? What she expects her opinion and whether it is worth today to be a patriot? Do young people are like us? The beauty of history and patriotism we are now living in times of peace in Europe, but not everywhere in the world it is. In schools, talking and discussing with young people about the problems of the country and national values, characters, events, but also about the beautiful nature, geography, etc. This puts the question in front of the young, as it is today to show their patriotism in times of peace? If the answer to the question about the sense of learning patriotism – love of country – is positive, it also raises the question of how to do it best, effectively and gently? And this is a fundamental question for historians and history teachers.

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